What is Coroplast?

Coroplast is essentially a “plastic cardboard”, made from three layers of polypropylene plastic substrate. When seen from the edge, it looks like a zig-zag middle, sandwiched between two smooth plastic sheets. This layered structure makes coroplast lightweight and very durable.

Coroplast is one of the most versatile products that we use.

Perfect for Low Cost Advertising

  • Used in every industry, such as real estate, schools, churches, construction, packaging, etc.
  • Great for short and long term use
  • Comes in two thicknesses (one-eighth inch (4mm) & one-half inch (10mm)) and various colors
  • White is most popular as it provides a bright base for vibrant full color printing directly onto the coroplast.

From campaign signs, real estate professionals, neighborhoods/communities, school spirit, yard art, construction sites, containers, packaging and stage displays, the list of how you can utilize coroplast goes on and on. We really like this stuff and once you see how easy it is to create what you need and want, you will too!

A large portion of SignWay's coroplast sign sales are from real estate brokers and agents.

Coroplast is the cheaper alternative material of choice when you need to save money. And when compared to other signage materials, it’s pretty darn tough.

We’re based south of Houston, and there are coroplast signs we’ve made that are still standing — even after countless storms, hurricanes and brutal, hot summer weather. It’s amazing stuff.

Keep in mind, your coroplast sign is only as good as the ink used to print on it. That’s why we use HP Wide Spectrum Color UV inks, which are geared to last three to five years without lamination

A large portion of our coroplast sign sales are from real estate brokers and agents. Though sports teams and school spirit campaigns are beginning to get more involved and learn the value of coroplast signage.

Here are some useful tips to get the most out of your investment in coroplast signs:

Protect Your Coroplast Investment

Keep It Clean

When you plan to reuse your signs for, lets say the next political campaign or holiday season, remember to wipe them down. Moisture and its accompanying funk can accumulate on your sign after being outside and on the side of the roads, so wipe off the dirt and debris. You won’t need any kind of special cleaner, just a little soap and water and a light wipe down will do the trick.

Proper Storage

Sports teams and school spirit campaigns know the value of coroplast signage.

Before you put coroplast signs away, be sure to remove the h-wire stakes, and store the signs horizontally flat. Ideally, a temperature controlled environment that can remain dry is best. Try not to stack them with the wire-stakes still in them, as the weight stress can break and rip the plastic over time.

Usually, that is not the most realistic option for most of us. Like I said before, coroplast is tough so you can store them in a garage or shed where temperatures fluctuate, and lean them up against a wall, or just lay them flat. You can also leave the h-wire stakes in them, it just helps them from getting too scratched up.

Do Not Fold

If your sign was not designed or intended to be folded, do not fold them or keep them in a folded position for long periods. Folding will cause them to wear out faster.

Coroplast is Recyclable! Protect the Environment

Is coroplast recyclable? YES! Corrugated plastic is recyclable under Resin Code 5. Your local neighborhood / curbside recycling program may not always accept it, but almost any dedicated recycling facility will.

As you can probably tell from the above, we here at SignWay love to make coroplast signs for you and your business marketing needs. Contact us with any questions or call us (281) 990-5478 to discuss with us how yard signs can benefit your business and let’s get started. We can provide you a quick quote once we have a better idea on what you want and need.